Get insight into the Data Maturity of your organisation with our Data Strategy Assessment

Review your results in a session with one of our experienced consultants, and identify the best next steps to take

Are you looking to understand how mature different parts of your organisation are when it comes to managing, and utilising, data in their everyday decision making? Find out where the strengths of your data strategy lie – and find answers to the question: where could you focus your attention to deliver even more value?

The Data Surveys are based around our tried and tested 6 pillar approach to running data strategies.

Cynozure’s 6 pillars of a data strategy 
  1. Vision & value
  2. People & culture
  3. Operating model
  4. Data governance
  5. Technology & architecture
  6. Roadmap

It gives you an overall score, plus scores against each pillar for each person that completes it, each department, and your entire organisation.

To do this we send out simple surveys to up to 100 people across your organisation:

Data Strategy Survey – this is for data leaders and data teams about their data strategy.

Data Pulse Survey this is for broad business coverage, for all departments, about the perceptions of data at their organisation.

Once the surveys have been completed, we’ll review the outputs with you in a 2-hour session, designed to help shape your thinking on effective next steps.


Data Strategy Scorecard score

What to Expect:

The survey

The survey consists of 20 questions across our 6 pillars of a Data Strategy – Vision and Value, People and Culture, Operating Model, Technology and Architecture, Governance and Roadmap.

Who to send to

The survey aims to highlight differences by Directorate, by Management level, and by User type. We believe it’s useful to involve a broad base of your organisation to get a rounded view. Typically we would send this out to: the Executive Team, Heads of Departments, Management and end-users.

What you’ll get
  • A clickable scorecard that can be used to provide insight and help tell the story of where you currently are at – and where the big challenges are found.
  • Time with one of our experienced CDO-level consultants, to talk through the results and discuss options for your next steps.

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