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On Thursday, 9th of February we will hold the second edition of our series of Events for Data Leaders in the Netherlands.


What is this event about?

Top-down or bottom-up? Approaching challenges to your data strategy

Making decisions about how to approach your data strategy and its priorities is an art form. As data leaders, we all know that there’s no single blueprint for how progress can be achieved and your personal situation will impact the best way to succeed.

So, how do you choose whether to approach changes broad and top down, or focussed and bottom up? Is it at the top with your execs and your leadership peers focusing on the high-level and lining everyone up to one message. Or, is it from the front line, spending time with those who work directly on the projects that touch your customers, teams and operations.

Co-hosted by Alan Cruickshank, Head of Insights at, the market-leading pet food subscription service, and Jason Foster, CEO of Cynozure, we’ll be exploring this challenge by sharing scenarios data leaders find themselves in and together discussing whether a top down or bottom up approach would best in order to successfully solve your data strategy challenges.


Exclusive event: Invite and recommendation only

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Industry professionals. Strictly no suppliers or vendors.


Thursday, 9th February

6 pm CET




This is a free to attend event – Invite and recommendation only

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