What is the data platform masterclass?

Organisations of all shapes and sizes want to use their data to drive their products, services and business performance futher. One of the key pillars of any good data strategy is the technology and architecture used to underpin your capability.

In this powerful 2-hour workshop you will learn how to design and build an end-to-end data and analytics platform thats gives you pace and agility in the development and deployment of your business solutions.

These principles can be applied to a Data Platform or Analytics Platform, Decision Science platform, Data and AI platform, and more.


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"I thought it was brilliant, and it was great to benefit from James’ deep knowledge of the topic."

Laura Paterson, We Grow Startups

What does the masterclass cover?

Overall, this session will give you a real understanding of all the considerations required to design and build a data platform.

  • How to align your platform with your data & business strategy.
  • The key roles needed to design, build and grow your platform.
  • How to select the right technology.
  • Balancing operational governance with innovation and flexibility.
  • Data ingestion and provisioning for integrated decision making.
  • The core elements of an end-to-end data platform.

Who should attend?

This session is designed for business, data or technology leaders that want to implement an effective platform, built to meet the operational and strategic demands of a modern data-enabled business. This workshop will especially help leaders that:

  • Are starting out with data, and want to make the right technology and architecture decisions.
  • Are confused about what technology to consider.
  • Already have a platform, but are struggling to get the value out of it.
  • Have responsibility for data, analytics or data science, but need support in more technical aspects of the role.

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