What is the data strategy masterclass?

Building a data strategy is an important first step in moving the agenda forward. It provides you with a framework that allows you to generate business value from data and analytics. 

Done well, a data strategy gives you a vision, a roadmap and a flexible, agile plan that defines what you are trying to achieve, how data can drive you forward, and how you will approach this task. 

In this powerful 90 minute workshop, you will learn how to build and deliver a solid data strategy for your business.  

This will be with a small group of 10-15 business leaders and through a mix of education and interactive discussion, you will get to explore why you need this strategy, how to get buy-in from the wider business, and how to drive cultural change further down the road.


What does the masterclass cover?

You will leave this session with a real understanding of the considerations required to define a data strategy and how best to go about it. Including:

  • The benefits of a data strategy.
  • How to shape a vision or roadmap for data and analytics.
  • Defining use cases and requirements.
  • The type of people, skills and organisational design you should consider.
  • How to drive a culture of data-led decisions.



We are limiting numbers for this exclusive masterclass so please register your interest here and we will add your name to the waitlist. We will be in touch to confirm your place. 


Thursday 26th January

1pm GMT / 2pm CEST / 8am EST



Online workshop


This is a free to attend session

"The data strategy framework was very helpful and well thought through. It's always really nice to be in a room with other data leaders who are facing similar challenges - with different experiences and approaches."

Ingunn Jones, Head of Data and Insight at Cambridge University Press

"The content was very helpful and delivered really well. Being around such well-established data experts was very inspirational."

Claire Owen, Founder at Loop

'Great presentation - short, focused, relevant and to the point. More useful 2 hours than many full-day conferences'

John Holland, Lead Architect at Home Office

'Absolutely outstanding presentation.. Brilliant on all levels.'

Giuseppe Sollazzo, Head of Data, Department for Transport

'Jason is a very good speaker and covered the topics really well. I agreed with most of what was being said and it felt one step up from other frameworks I've seen.'

Rob Henwood, Enterprise Data Architect at Asos

'Superbly presented and pitched at the right level. Yes, definitely a stand out event.'

Chris Cale, Head of Data Analysis & Partnering at Simplyhealth

Who is leading the masterclass?

The masterclass will be led by Jason Foster, data strategist, author of Data Means Business and founder of Cynozure. Jason has advised and educated 1000s of people on how to define and deliver data strategies that deliver business success.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for leaders that:

  • Want to structure their approach to data effectively.
  • Struggle to get buy-in from across the business.
  • Have already delivered data and analytics, but need to review direction.
  • Have started to implement technology but not seeing the value.
  • Want to showcase the value of data within their organisation.

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