What is the data strategy masterclass?

Building a data strategy is an important first step in moving the agenda forward. It provides you with a framework that allows you to generate business value from data and analytics.

Done well, a data strategy gives you a vision, a roadmap and a flexible, agile plan that defines what you are trying to achieve, how data can drive you forward, and how you will approach this task.

In this powerful 2-hour workshop, you will learn how to build and deliver a solid data strategy for your business. This includes why you need this strategy, how to get buy-in from the wider business, and how to drive cultural change further down the road.


Thursday 11th February

9.30am EST / 2.30pm GMT




By invitation

"Focused, relevant, to the point. More useful 2 hours than many full-day conferences."

Lead Architect at a UK Governmental Department

"The content was very helpful and delivered really well. Being around such well-established data experts was very inspirational."

Claire Owen, Founder at Loop

What does the masterclass cover?

You will leave this session with a real understanding of the considerations required to define a data strategy and how best to go about it.

  • The benefits of a data strategy.
  • How to shape a vision or roadmap for data and analytics.
  • Defining use cases and requirements.
  • Why a multi-track approach to delivering your strategy is important.
  • The type of people, skills and organisational design you should consider.
  • How to drive a culture of data-led decisions.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for leaders that:

  • Want to structure their approach to data effectively.
  • Struggle to get buy-in from across the business.
  • Have already delivered data and analytics, but need to review direction.
  • Have examined their technology, but want to define their approach.
  • Want to showcase the value of data within their organisation.

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