What is the Data Culture Masterclass?

Data culture refers to an organization’s attitude and values towards data utilization across the business. A strong data culture encompasses leadership, communication, technology, policies, and training with the aim of enabling teams to leverage data effectively for better business outcomes.

In this powerful 2 hour workshop, you will learn how to build a solid data culture for your business.

This will be with a small group of 15-20 data leaders and through a mix of education and interactive discussion you will get to explore why a good data culture is so important, how to get buy-in from the wider business, and how to drive cultural change further down the road.

What does the masterclass  cover?

You will leave this session with a real understanding of the considerations required to create a good data culture, and how best to go about it. We’ll be covering:

  • What is a ‘good’ data culture and the benefits of adopting a good data culture
  • How to showcase it
  • The type of roles and responsibilities you should consider
  • How to drive a culture of data-led decisions

Who is leading the masterclass?

The masterclass will be led by: 

Jason Foster, data strategist, best-in-class data strategist, author of Data Means Business, CEO & founder of Cynozure, and host of the ‘Hub and Spoken’ podcast.


Numbers for this exclusive masterclass are limited and is only attended by senior data leaders – there are strictly no consultants and vendors. If you are interested in attending, please drop an email to Kristin Waeterloos at kristin.waeterloos@cynozure.com


Thursday, 29th February  2023

2pm – 4pm CET


Amsterdam – In person workshop


This is a free to attend session

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