What is the data strategy masterclass?

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, having a robust data strategy is key to staying ahead of the curve. Building a well-crafted data strategy gives you a vision, a roadmap and a flexible & agile plan that aligns with business goals and moves the agenda forward. 

If you already have a data strategy in place, now is the perfect time to revisit and elevate it to new heights, aligning with your company’s overall 2024 business objectives as well as taking advantage of new technology with AI increasingly at the heart. Join our exclusive masterclass designed for data-driven professionals like you, who are eager to reboot their data strategies for success in 2024 and beyond.

What does the masterclass cover?

In this powerful 2 hour workshop, we will guide you through the process of refining your data strategy to extract maximum value from your data and analytics efforts. Together, we’ll explore:

  • How to find the pots of gold by aligning with business goals and day-to-day operational challenges 
  • The role of the data team in driving the data agenda 
  • Creating the right culture through comms, literacy and engagement 
  • How to build adaptability and responsiveness into your approach 
  • Taking advantage of technology investments and leaning into Artificial Intelligence 
  • Building trust in your data so that it adds value to your business 
  • Building your plan for 2024

Who is leading the masterclass?

The masterclass will be led by:

Jason Foster, data strategist, best-in-class data strategist, author of Data Means Business, CEO & founder of Cynozure, and host of the ‘Hub and Spoken’ podcast;

Tim Connold, digital and data expert with over 20 years experience at large blue chip organisations including Marks & Spencer, ASOS and O2 and Product & Customer Director at Cynozure;

Ciaran Jetten, Data and Advanced Analytics leader, Product Owner AI assetization at International Flavors & Fragrances, and former Global Senior Manager at Heineken.


Numbers for this exclusive masterclass are limited. If you are interested in attending, please drop an email to Kristin Waeterloos at 


Thursday, 5th October

10am CET

Duration 2h: workshop & networking



Amsterdam – In person workshop


This is a free to attend session

"The data strategy framework was very helpful and well thought through. It's always really nice to be in a room with other data leaders who are facing similar challenges - with different experiences and approaches."

Ingunn Jones, Head of Data and Insight at Cambridge University Press

"The content was very helpful and delivered really well. Being around such well-established data experts was very inspirational."

Claire Owen, Founder at Loop

'Great presentation - short, focused, relevant and to the point. More useful 2 hours than many full-day conferences'

John Holland, Lead Architect at Home Office

'Absolutely outstanding presentation.. Brilliant on all levels.'

Giuseppe Sollazzo, Head of Data, Department for Transport

'Jason is a very good speaker and covered the topics really well. I agreed with most of what was being said and it felt one step up from other frameworks I've seen.'

Rob Henwood, Enterprise Data Architect at Asos

'Superbly presented and pitched at the right level. Yes, definitely a stand out event.'

Chris Cale, Head of Data Analysis & Partnering at Simplyhealth

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