What is the AI Masterclass?

AI is posing new opportunities for business as well as threatening to disrupt in ways previously unheard of. We’re seeing businesses racing to build tools and products embedded with AI, aiming to beat out the competition or out of fear of being left behind. And while this agility and innovation is critical to remain relevant, there’s a risk that efforts are not focused on the most value-add areas or problems.

The organisations making the right moves now are the ones who are going to be best placed to not only survive the oncoming disruption heralded by AI but thrive with it.

What does the masterclass  cover?

In this powerful 2 hour workshop, we will help you:

  • Evaluate at your current AI strategy (including vision, operating model, governance, assets, and skills) through the lens of our AI assessment framework
  • Elevate your skills and necessary knowledge and expertise to effectively leverage AI technologies
  • Shape your 2024 approach to deliver the most business value for your organisation

Who is leading the masterclass?

  • James Lupton, Chief Technology Officer at Cynozure, is a data strategy and technology delivery expert and has developed award-winning AI solutions. He has a broad range of experience across organisations such as Knight Frank, Coca-Cola, HSBC, Penguin Random House, BMG, Ofcom, and M&S. James leads Cynozure’s AI initiatives, and advises businesses on strategy and technology delivery. He is a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology in the UK.
  • Keith Goldthorpe, Director of Solution Architecture at Cynozure, has 30-plus years of experience working on data systems. His previous roles range from data engineering and data science, enterprise and solution architecture through to program management and Chief Data Officer. He has particular expertise in the retail sector, having been significantly involved in the foundations of three major loyalty schemes (Tesco’s Clubcard, Nectar and M&S’s Sparks).


Numbers for this exclusive masterclass are limited and is only attended by Data leaders – there are strictly no consultants and vendors. If you are interested in attending, please drop an email to Sophie Swift at sophie@cynozure.com


Wednesday, 20th March

10am GMT

Duration 2h: workshop & networking


London (King Cross) – In person workshop


This is a free to attend session

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for data leaders who already have a foundational understanding of AI concepts and wish to deepen their expertise

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