Outsmarting the Bots: : A practical application of machine learning

Join us on Monday 12th June during London Tech week for a fantastic event!

Hear from Stewart Boutcher, CTO at Veracity Trust Network, and James Lupton, CTO at Cynozure, regarding their work building the first-of-its-kind machine-learning model to accurately detect bots trying to access an organisation’s digital platform.

Veracity is the only organisation in the world that is dedicating all its resources into bot detection. Many of its competitors have it as a smaller strand of the business, but no others operate solely within this specialist niche. The work it is doing, in partnership with Cynozure, has the potential to be transformational for organisations across the globe, and make life far more difficult for fraudulent malicious actors to operate under the radar.

You will not want to miss out!

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Monday, 12th June



Central London (Oxford Circus)

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