Mindsets to adopt to help you design and build a sustainable, future-proof data platform

All effective organisations – regardless of sector or size – want to use their data to drive their products, services and business performance forward. A pillar of any good data strategy is the technology and architecture used to underpin that capability.

There are an ever-evolving and growing number of technology options in the market to choose from right now, and we’re also seeing increasingly complex business needs. Building a platform that meets your needs takes more than just picking the right technology; you also need to ensure you have the right architecture and team in place to support it all.

Get data platforms right to deliver business value from them – and to effectively future-proof your data platform, by adopting the right mindsets and approaches; from how you design through to how you deliver.

Join James Lupton (our CTO) to understand the right way to go about building your data platform: a way that will be sustainable and adaptable enough for your long-term needs. In this webinar,  James explores the mindsets and approaches you can adopt in order to build a sustainable and future proof platform that will grow with your business, and ultimately help you deliver business value.


Thursday, 21st July 2022

Thursday, 17th November 2022


2.30pm GMT (London time)

9.30am ET (New York time)


Free of charge.

Join James for this 45 minute session,
followed by Q&A to answer your questions on building a data platform.

The same principles can be applied to a Data Platform or Analytics Platform, Decision Science platform, Data and AI platform, and more.

What does the webinar cover?

  • The challenges you’ll face building a sustainable and future proof data platform
  • Why platform builds aren’t only about technology
  • How DataOps can benefit your platform build
  • The different capabilities you’ll need in your platform
  • Why you should approach your build in a modular and scalable way

Who should attend?

Leaders looking to improve their understanding of data platforms and the different approaches to build them

  • Heads of Data / Data Platforms
  • Heads of Analytics / Data Science
  • Data and Enterprise Architects
  • Product owners

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