What is the Level Up Framework webinar about?

The Level Up Framework is a method we have developed to make the journey to becoming a data-guided organisation more practical.

It brings clarity to what you need to do, the order to do them in, and to what end.

The Level Up Framework is based on five stages. Each stage has activities to carry out, and the criteria that let’s you know when you are ready to go to the next stage.

Each stage builds on the last and,  the better you achieve the criteria of one stage, the more certain you are of success in the subsequent stage.


Thursday 13th May 2021


2.30pm BST (London time)

9.30am ET (New York time)


Free of charge.

"I soon realised that data is not a destination, but a journey with several waypoints on the way. You need to set, and expect to vary, the waypoints that act as smaller achievable destinations along that journey"

Graeme McDermott, CDO at Tempcover (formerly Addison Lee and the AA)

What are the stages of the Level Up Framework?

  • Stage 1 - Establish
  • Stage 2 - Prove Value
  • Stage 3 - Scale
  • Stage 4 - Accelerate
  • Stage 5 - Optimise

Who should attend?

This session is designed for business, data or technology leaders looking to expand their know how on implemention of an effective platform, built to meet the operational and strategic demands of a modern data-enabled business.

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