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Jason Foster has been in the data industry for 20 years. In this episode, he shares 9 key learnings on how to get value from data. This is based on his years of experience helping organisations achieve exactly that.

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One Big Message

Work with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals over the years, led to these nine important lessons on how to deliver value with a data strategy:

[00:14] Delivering value drives investment and credibility

[00:43] It’s not foundations versus value

[01:09] It’s never too early to communicate

[01:41] Not all stakeholders are made the same

[02:05] A bigger budget doesn’t equal a better strategy

[02:36] Like a startup, product-market fit is really important

[03:04] It’s a team sport and you need to buy and sell players

[03:48] You need the technology you need, not what the vendor is selling

[04:22] Data is a journey, not a destination


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