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In this episode, Jason talks to Stephen Almond, Executive Director, Regulatory Risk at the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Together they discuss how the ICO is supporting the UK in creating an innovative economy. 

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One big message

The UK government’s commitment to fostering innovation and ensuring data privacy and regulation creates a thriving and secure digital landscape, positioning the nation as a global leader in both technological advancements and consumer trust. It is quickly becoming a central hub that is able to help mentor businesses through a rapidly changing digital landscape. 

00:04 – Stephen’s role with the ICO

03:04 – How the ICO empowers collaboration

08:02 – Innovation with data protection regulation

16:08 – Balancing the pace of innovation with regulation

18:54 – Examining the impact of data regulation on innovation and businesses along with data protection and privacy

22:54 – Benefits of engaging with regulatory bodies for businesses

24:57 – Range of services offered by the ICO for innovators

30:39 – Engaging stakeholders with innovation


Empowering people through innovation and collaboration with regulators

The UK government’s strategic plan prioritises empowering people by fostering innovation and sustainable growth in the digital economy. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) supports this goal by actively encouraging innovators to engage with them, offering guidance and advice on data protection and privacy. This collaborative approach helps innovators navigate the complexities of regulation while developing innovative solutions. The ICO also provides regulatory sandboxes, which allow innovators to test their ideas and products without the risk of regulatory action. This helps businesses identify and address potential compliance issues early in the development process.

By connecting innovators with industry experts and other regulators, the ICO promotes cross-sector collaboration and fosters a supportive ecosystem for innovative businesses in the UK. They also develop resources and tools, such as guidance documents and online tools, to assist innovators in understanding and complying with data protection regulations. These resources are designed to be accessible and user-friendly, ensuring that innovators can easily incorporate them into their development processes. This collaborative approach plays a crucial role in enabling innovation and sustainable growth in the UK while ensuring that products released to the public are secure and meet legal requirements.


The UK Government’s role in innovation and regulation

Understanding the importance of striking a balance between innovation and data privacy, the UK government has developed a comprehensive strategy to support businesses in their innovative pursuits while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), as the independent regulator of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), plays a pivotal role in this strategy.

With the backing of the Government’s Regulators Pioneer Fund, the ICO has been able to provide essential guidance and services to innovators navigating the complexities of data protection. This funding enables the ICO to offer resources such as regulatory sandboxes for testing new technologies and fostering cross-sector collaboration, ensuring that data privacy remains a top priority for businesses.


Keeping up with rapidly changing technologies

In today’s fast-paced world of technological advancements such as AI and biotech, it’s essential to engage in meaningful conversations and dialogues to develop the right regulatory frameworks. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has been proactive in this regard, delving deeper into specific areas of technology and fostering open discussions.

Last year, the ICO published a report on emerging biometric technologies, which has become an increasingly important topic in the field of data protection and privacy. The report highlighted concerns around emotion AI technologies and questioned the robustness of the underlying science. By addressing these concerns, the ICO aims to promote a deeper understanding of the implications of such technologies and guide the development of appropriate regulations.

In addition to biometric technologies, the ICO is also focusing on the emerging field of neurotechnologies. Later this year, they will release a piece discussing the latest advancements in this area and outlining their regulatory approach. By actively engaging with stakeholders and exploring innovative technologies, the ICO is working to ensure that the regulatory landscape evolves alongside these groundbreaking developments.


Mentoring innovative businesses entering uncharted territory

In the rapidly evolving landscape of data regulation and privacy policy, mentorship plays a crucial role for businesses exploring innovative ideas and entering grey areas of legislation. With a diverse range of stakeholders, including innovators and individuals seeking support, the regulatory framework must adapt and provide proactive engagement to address these challenges.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recognises this need and has established an innovation hub to support businesses in understanding the implications of their new ideas. This hub collaborates with various organisations, from fintech tech sprints to the Digital Catapult machine learning garage, and even supports the government’s safety tech challenge. By offering data protection advice and guidance, the hub ensures that businesses receive the clarity and certainty they need throughout their development cycles.

Recognizing the value of mentorship, the ICO is currently piloting a service that provides tailored advice to cohorts of innovators. These groups may be working with accelerators, catapults, or participating in tech sprints run by other regulators, such as the Financial Conduct Authority’s fintech tech sprints. This mentorship approach allows businesses to better navigate the complexities of data regulation and privacy policy while fostering a culture of innovation and growth. By offering these services, the ICO is actively supporting businesses in their quest to develop groundbreaking solutions that adhere to data protection regulations and safeguard consumer privacy.



The UK government demonstrates a strong commitment to fostering innovation and promoting a thriving digital economy while maintaining a focus on data privacy and regulation. Through the Information Commissioner’s Office, the government has created an ecosystem that encourages innovation and collaboration among various stakeholders. This strategic approach not only bolsters the UK’s position as a global leader in innovation but also ensures that businesses prioritise data protection and privacy, ultimately creating a more secure and trustworthy digital landscape for both consumers and businesses alike.

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