What's in this podcast?

To mark 3 years of the Hub & Spoken podcast, we bring you a solo pod with host, Jason Foster. A little interlude from our regular format as we celebrate this milestone and share our gratitude.

In this short episode, Jason reflects on why we set up this podcast, the value we hoped to deliver through it, and an announcement about the upcoming additions to the schedule.

This is the original business focussed data podcast and we’re keen to continually add value for you. Big thanks to everyone for their contributions –  from listeners to guests, to those that have given such positive feedback.

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What you’ll find in this episode

[00:06] Why did Jason created the Hub & Spoken podcast

[01:34] How the name Hub & Spoken was born

[02:13] How Jason makes sure the discussions are real

[03:11] Testimonies from listeners

[03:33] The focus of podcast discussions

[04:17] Upcoming additions to the schedule


Why we set up this podcast

The reality is such that, there really wasn’t a good podcast that looked at the role of the chief data officer, data leadership at data strategy, business leadership, the use of technology in that space around the change in culture shift that’s needed around the governance of data and loads of other topics. This is really something that helps organizations to deliver value out of data.

Such a podcast just didn’t exist and so we started one. We meet, interview, talk to all sorts of people from across the industry and try and get under the hood of some real stories in a really relaxed setting and informal setting where we could kick about the ideas of how you approach, how you talk about and get input for how you get buy-in.


The value we want to deliver

We walk into meetings and there’s a lot of talk about the benefit those people have got from listening to our Hub & Spoken podcast. Our podcast listeners said it made them smarter at their job. What more could we have ever hoped for when this podcast was first set up, than helping people not only get smarter, but better at their jobs and, and better at delivering value out of data.

So the focus for the discussions has always been around data leadership and how we get value out of data. The role that data plays within an organization, the role technology plays in harnessing that data and then making that data available to the right people at the right time, driving better & quicker decisions for the entire organization.


Upcoming additions

Jason Foster, CEO at Cynozure, will personally be covering some topics that are hot in the market. He will answer questions for the people that are consistently looking to answer and will be exploring more ideas, best practices the industry already has that can be put in place.

We will look at how we deliver value through the application of data and analytics, covering those topics short and sharp. There will be more discussions that drive the agenda of an ongoing debate in the market because most people don’t have the answers.


Thank you to our listeners

We thank you all for listening to the show and giving all the wonderful feedback we get. So grateful for all the guests that we’ve had over the last three years. We can’t wait to continue putting more valuable content out to you.

Being the original podcast on the role of data in business, we hope this continues to serve you in the most productive way and help you get better at your job and ultimately better at delivering value out of data.


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