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In this episode, we talk to Allison Nau, Director of Test Learn Iterate, about the common difficulties of data leadership within modern businesses.

We discuss the best approaches to encouraging trust in data throughout an organisation, and the priority of communication to ensure data use becomes ingrained. We also talk about the importance of building a diverse team to effectively utilise data, with Allison’s own experience in driving strategic growth through data and insight.

Listen to this episode on Spotify, iTunes, and Stitcher. You can also catch up on the previous episode of the Hub & Spoken podcast, in which Jason spoke  to Neil Sparrow, Head of BI at AJW, about enabling more open data sharing across industry supply chains.

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For more on building a data team, you might like to have a read of our white paper. Building an effective data team hinges on several factors. This includes the need for a strong data culture, data literacy across the organisation and diversity within the data team. Our white paper offers a definitive guide to building a data team that delivers across each of these factors.

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