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In this episode, Jason discusses the ripple effect of the pandemic, the new challenges of inflation, cost of living crises and likely recession and how data leaders can prepare their organisations in a way that helps them survive and thrive. .

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One big message

While the pandemic and more recent events in Ukraine have had a major effect on the economy over recent years, experts have now warned that we have yet to see the full extent of its economic impact which is predicted to put many countries into a recession. 

As a data leader, you are in a unique position to implement strategies that can help ease the pressure on your organisation.

[00:10] The economic effect of the pandemic

[03:41] What data leaders can do to soften the impact of potential budget cuts on the team

[03:50] Focus on building a brand

[05:23] Iterate and scale appropriately

[06:23] Repeatability and automation

[08:45] Actually utilising what you have built

[10:30] Zeroing in on high value activities

[12:56] Conclusion


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