For the many or the few: What’s the best approach to building a data-guided organisation? 

Today’s organisations are generating and hoarding massive amounts of data. Making the most of this immense value is a common ambition, but what have data leaders learned from their success (or failure)?

This web seminar will explore current perceptions and experiences amongst data strategy decision makers, including the key motivations and challenges faced when dealing with data. We also discuss whether data-based decision making is best left to a dedicated team, or rolled-out more widely to empower individuals in their day-to-day work.

Becoming Data-Guided with Jason Foster

Becoming Data-Guided Webinar

These issues, and more, are tackled by Jason Foster, Founder & CEO, Cynozure with Computing’s  Andrew Hobbs, Research Analyst, Enterprise Technology; and Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Enterprise IT.


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