“What is your passion, Carl Albuquerque?”

It’s a question that I was asking myself, after moving to London this year and kicking off my job hunt. To begin with, I dusted off the CV with ‘Carl Albuquerque’ emblazoned at the top. Pretty quickly, several passions in my career came to mind right away:

  1. Working with people, to help bridge technical gaps
  2. Building solutions that can add real business value
  3. Creating a fun working environment

So, that was a great start – I knew what I was passionate about! The real challenge was in finding an organisation with the same passion. One dedicated to what they want to achieve, with some real plans for how they can go about making a difference.

That was about the time I got a phone call, telling me about a role in the Cynozure delivery team. I was hooked.

Cynozure is passionate about people and data.

The team isn’t just a data strategy and analytics consultancy. It’s an organisation on a mission to improve the world through the positive use of data. In fact, this was the focus when I first met the team face-to-face. For the team, it was a priority to highlight Cynozure’s mission statement and purpose driving the agenda forward.

Even in these first interviews, I immediately felt at home. They talked me through the company and the role with a real fire. Speaking with James Lupton (CTO) and Tim Connold (Product and Customer Director), their passion for their work was immediately evident. These were people that truly enjoyed working in data.

I couldn’t say no!

Finding the balance.

The challenge with any passion is finding the balance between pursuing it and doing it too much. With Cynozure, and the CDO Hub, everyone is passionate about what they can contribute to the crew, as well as data.

Expressing that passion and encouraging it across the business has helped to foster this real culture of productivity, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. You might not realise it, but data could be the key to driving your passion further. It creates new opportunities to realise success, with the positive use of data.

As I start in my new role, I’m still finding my feet. Yet, I’m looking forward to getting stuck into some of our new projects.

Carl Albuquerque joins Cynozure as a Solution Architect, helping support our clients drive their data in the most positive direction.

Written by Carl Albuquerque


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