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100 Episodes of Hub & Spoken – can you believe it?!

To celebrate this milestone we invited our first ever guest on episode 1, Pete Williams, back. But this time the tables were turned, and for episode 100 he interviewed host Jason Foster. They discussed the evolution of the data, reviewed Hub & Spoken – the original data podcast, and covered the importance of data in society’s progress; an extended episode that perfectly lined up the next 6 episodes.


Hub & Spoken Special Series

To showcase the most important topics to help educate and inspire the best results from data and analytics, we put together selection of insightful episodes. This special series is curated to bring together some of the themes we’ve heard covered over the course of 100 episodes. It was a challenge not to include something from every episode – massive thanks to all of our guests for the great discussions, insights and knowledge shared. We’ve been lucky enough to hear from leading experts in data and analytics at the top of their game.


A data strategy is a vital asset to create a data-guided organisation

A data strategy is a framework that allows you to deliver business value through the application of data and analytics. It’s a vital asset to support buy-in, get approval, and create a data-guided organisation. In episode 101 of the Hub & Spoken special series, we look back at the discussions we’ve had with some of the industry’s best data leaders on this topic. We explore the role of the data strategy, the important ingredients, the need to focus on outcomes – and how the strategy needs to evolve and adjust with your organisation.


Unlock business value with excellent data management and data governance

Artificial intelligence, data science, cloud data warehousing and other trends get the limelight these days. But data management, and its friend data governance, are often dismissed by organisations as being old fashioned and cumbersome. In episode 102 of the Hub & Spoken special series, we’ve curated previous discussions with some great leaders in this space. They demonstrate that you can create a strategic asset out of your data; take focused, deliberate, and iterative steps to make data accurate, available, accessible and actionable.


Deliver incremental business value through the application of data and analytics

In episode 103 of the of the Hub & Spoken special series, we look back at some of the brilliant conversations we’ve had with business and data leaders about the thing that matters most about data: delivering value. We hear examples of how to deploy data for business benefit, and business use cases that deliver value. Plus the role data plays in some of the worlds leading manufacturing, food, retail, media, financial services and big brand organisations.


How technology is your enabler to building adaptable data platforms and products

Accelerate returns from data at pace and with agility, by using technology the right way. It’s one of the enablers to a successful data strategy, but can equally be an inhibitor if not implemented correctly. In episode 104 of the Hub & Spoken special series we look at back at the conversations we’ve had with business, data and technology leaders about deploying technology. We cover how data platforms and data products enable delivery of value at scale – and the best way to go about that.


The evolving role of the Chief Data Officer and data leadership

The role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO), and senior data leadership in general, are a mainstay of discussions on this podcast. In episode 105 of the Hub & Spoken special series we look back at the conversations we’ve had with some of the industries best up and coming, and established, leaders. We explore what it takes to become a CDO, along with the demands and responsibilities of the role. We also touch on topics such as imposter syndrome as a blocker to high performance, and what the C-suite care about when it comes to data.


Create a better, more purpose led and resilient future

Creation of a better future for all through the positive and open use of data requires us to be the change we want to see. In episode 106 of the Hub & Spoken special series, we look back at the conversations we’ve had with brilliant leaders to uncover the use of data for the good of society, and a more sustainable future. We explore how leaders and their teams can become more resilient, diverse, and build a more human centred world.


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