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You may have noticed a small – but significant – difference to our website earlier this month: we’re now! 

From humble beginnings with big aspirations, Cynozure has evolved and grown as we’ve worked on our mission to change the way business is done through positive use of data.


International customers

The move to .com signifies a shift from what started as a UK presence, to better aligning ourselves to the organisation that we are now – better representing the customers that we work with, and the international nature of all that we do.

As a business, Cynozure was set up not to have a typical central base: we wanted to be where our customers needed us, and offer flexible working for our crew. Whilst we prefer to work side by side with our customers – literally as well as figuratively – everything that we do, we can do remotely. This meant that we were already well set up to manage when the issues of 2020 arrived, and are able to support customers wherever they might be in the country, continent or globe.

Some of our first customers were based in Europe, and we are happy to get regular enquiries from organisations around the world, and also UK based companies that have an international presence. 


Cynozure Group

And it’s not just Cynozure; is now and is now

The global reach of the CDO Hub is clear, with members in the UK, US, Europe and around the world.  This led us to launch the CDO Hub US Chapter last summer, followed swiftly by the Cynozure launch in the USA too (it’s been quite the year!)

Hub & Spoken, the original data podcast, is listened to in 118 countries.

Countries where Hub & Spoken is heard

All of the sites (and email addresses) will still take you to the pages and information that you need though, so no changes on that front.

Written by Jason Foster


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