We’re in and around conversations with lots of organisations and senior leaders who are interested in learning, sharing and growing in the data and analytics space.

Alongside our core consulting business, it was a natural next step for us at Cynozure to engage in the business and data leadership community, and to get under the covers of stories and share those more widely.

Looking around, we found and there really isn’t much dedicated to data and analytics, so we’ve created Hub & Spoken to be the number one place to hear from the best business leaders that have an interest in how data can help to accelerate and launch business models that give impact. 

We also want to look at the topics about data and analytics that hit the mainstream; we’ll be doing a regular round up of interesting, funny and thought provoking news stories that make it into the public and trade press.

The content will adjust and evolve as we progress, and will listen to feedback from listeners – so please get in touch and let us know what you think! 

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Hub & Spoken Podcast

Written by Jason Foster


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