Hub & Spoken LIVE

Who have we heard from LIVE?

Date & Time: Thursday 7th May, 3pm BST
Guest: Doug Laney
Recording out now on Hub & Spoken

Date & Time: Tuesday 28th April, 3pm BST
Guest: Graeme McDermott, CDO at Addison Lee, discussing how delivering value from data is a journey, not a destination.
Recording coming soon on Hub & Spoken

Date & Time: Tuesday 22nd April, 10am BST
Guest: Nirali Patel, CDO at AXA PPP,  discussing why agile data strategies are key right now.
Recording out now on Hub & Spoken

Date & Time: Wednesday 8th April, 3pm BST
Nicola Klein, CDO at Direct Line,  discussing the relationship between data and change.
Recording out now on Hub & Spoken

Why Hub & Spoken is going LIVE

Hub & Spoken, the podcast that we launched in early 2018 (sharing our love for data on Valentine’s Day no less 💜) has happily been going from strength to strength. 

At the end of last year, when Cynozure got a bold new look and website, we also took the opportunity to give Hub & Spoken a clear, fresh identity and it’s own logo. Something much more in keeping with the podcast for business and data leaders interested in organisational growth, the use of data and analytics, how to add value, and what considerations there are in order to get things done.  

Describing the changes, Kota (the agency we worked with) explained:

Each aspect of the brand had its own icon mark, gradient and spot colour to be visually recognisable as part of the same company, but with a distinct message. The colour palettes were selected for their psychological association: Hub and Spoken – Pink; Stimulation, Joy, Life, Kindness. 

The icon marks themselves focused on the direction of moving forwards into the future, and the transparency the company prides themselves on. Then each branch has its own distinct shape to accompany: Hub and Spoken – Triangle; Symbolising the audio play icon. 

Hub & Spoken Logo

Hub & Spoken Logo

Hub & Spoken LIVE

In keeping with moving forwards, this week we are super excited to bring you the first ever Hub & Spoken Live! 

In these times when we should all #StayAtHome, we are keen to bring our community together where it is possible. You are invited to listen and watch live as Jason Foster (Cynozure CEO and host of Hub & Spoken) records conversations with guests. You’ll also be able to interact with speakers and fellow listeners. 

Kicking off this Wednesday 8th April at 3pm BST, join Jason and Nicola Klein, CDO at Direct Line, as they discuss the relationship between data and change. 

No registration needed, just join here

As Hub & Spoken has evolved, one thing that has held steady is the high calibre of our amazing guests. Jason has been joined by quite the array of data leaders, industry experts and guests that really are at the top of their game. Check out some of the highlights from the first two years of the Hub & Spoken podcast 

The only thing left to say is thank you. Thank you to all of our guests for the great discussions, insights and knowledge shared; thank you to everyone behind the scenes helping, and thank you to everyone that listens and shares #HubandSpoken. You rock.




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