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What we did. started out 17 years ago as an online retail business. It grew rapidly by selling great value white goods direct to its customers with a big focus on service and delivery. then expanded horizontally across the value chain acquiring its own logistics, financial services, recycling and mobile phone business.

Challenged by falling market share and an increasingly costly promotion-driven sales environment, AO asked Cynozure to help them build a roadmap for maximising their customer data.

Over a period of four weeks, Cynozure interviewed and ran a series of workshops with the Directors and Heads of each of the business areas. By sizing the use cases we established that increasing conversion on-site would have the largest impact. We then built a prioritised backlog of change for each of the impacted business areas that:

1. Builds out their single customer view (iteratively)
2. Improved the customer modelling capabilities
3. Delivers an iterative customer intervention MTV plan
4. Delivers an architectural approach for all legacy data systems

Cynozure are now helping iteratively deliver on this roadmap.

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