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Using data to drive business performance at Kondor.

Kondor is a leading distributor of consumer electronics and accessories. It supplies high street retailers and online enterprises, and provides services to manufacturing partners globally. Based in the UK and with offices in Asia, Kondor has partnerships with over 250 retail customers, more than 200 brands and 100 suppliers. Through these partnerships, it works with 12,000 retail stores within the UK market. This data platform case study will detail how Cynozure supported Kondor’s data ambitions with the right architecture.

Background, Aims & Objectives.

Kondor wanted to make its existing data analytics platform more effective. To improve the use and communication of data insights across the organisation. Ultimately to inform planning and strategy and to become more agile and efficient. Because of this, it needed to give its data warehouse and operations a complete revamp.

What we did

Improve data use across sales, marketing and logistics.


Kondor recognised the need to make operations more efficient, especially within sales, marketing, and logistics. To achieve this, Cynozure helped them put data systems at the heart of their marketing, warehouse and logistics functions. This gave all departments access to data and visibility of company performance.

Although data was being used for operational purposes, it wasn’t being used fully in strategy or planning activities. This meant Kondor was missing opportunities for product positioning, sales refinement, and product development. Solving this helped Kondor understand wider market activity: what product mix consumers were purchasing and, in turn, what stock retailers would likely require.

Develop a collaborative solution to use data more effectively.


Cynozure proposed a collaborative solution where it worked with Kondor’s team, led by Kondor’s CFO Colman Moher. For a two month period, Cynozure helped to shape the data strategy at Kondor. Then, later assisted with the technical delivery, which took six months.

Kondor already had a data analytics solution in place, but Cynozure helped the company to make more use of it and understand how to apply data insights across the entire business. This led to a step-change in business performance, particularly with sales, marketing, products, and reporting.

Cynozure also provided solutions that offered Kondor deeper insights. Marketing campaigns were analysed to identify upsell and cross-selling opportunities for retailers. Through this, Kondor was able to predict the profitability of different products and brands, which provided valuable information on product lines that should be cut.

Improved use of data increased the precision of financial planning. The accuracy and efficiency of Kondor’s supply chain increased because senior management received more accurate reports and insights.

“What Jason and the team have done is brought collaboration – it doesn’t feel like typical consultancy engagement.  We’re diagnosing, fixing and building things together. It’s a truly collaborative approach”

Colman Moher – CFO at Kondor

Increase efficiency and insights through better data use.


Over a 6 month period, Cynozure transformed the data function within Kondor with improved visibility and data-driven decision making. This led to a number of key benefits:

  •  Greater product marketing efficiencies: Through improved reporting and better insights, Kondor had increased efficiency across its marketing, sales, and operations functions. The marketing capability is now at a level where promotional materials are now used by some of Kondor’s partners, including Samsung.
  • Streamlined product lines: Improved access to data has led Kondor to streamline its processes and fed into its product strategy. Data insight was used to cut the organisation’s product portfolio from 20,000 lines to 5,000. Kondor also reduced its suppliers from 200 to 60 companies. With increased focus, it was able to partner with bigger brands including Google and Belkin.
  • Accurate brand performance measurement: Better brand data analysis enabled Kondor to more accurately track consumer demand and predict brands’ performance. This allowed Kondor to assess what brands to stock to meet consumer demand.

With strong data foundations now laid, Kondor is able to move onto further data projects to drive more operational efficiencies.

“We’ve had data for a long time, but we didn’t use it effectively. Last year, we completed the coding and reporting of that data. We created a fresh organisation with new ways of working, new teams, structures and setting up internal systems”

Beatrice Lafon – CEO Kondor

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