Cynozure’s AI Springboard™

AI is posing new opportunities for business as well as threatening to disrupt in ways previously unheard of. The organisations making the right moves now are the ones who are going to be best placed to not only survive the oncoming disruption heralded by AI, but thrive with it. Cynozure is committed to ensuring its clients are able to capitalise on the opportunities they have in their organisations around data and AI as well as future-proof their operations. 

Cynozure’s AI Springboard is designed specifically for organisations to learn about, prepare for and act on Artificial Intelligence. Board and executive level workshops help to raise awareness and understanding in the C-suite. Cynozure’s AI framework then helps to assess readiness, prepare a plan of action to get started, and build out prototypes for key use cases that help to build vital foundational capabilities.  

  • Learn – Working with executive and leadership teams to bring them up to speed on all things AI - what is AI, where’s the market, why now, what’s possible  and where are things headed? 
  • Prepare – Helping clients understand how AI is going to impact their markets, products & services, and how they may need to adapt their strategies to seize opportunities being presented as well as help future-proof their businesses against competitive threats they may not even be aware of yet. Cynozure reviews the core foundations needed by the client for AI (e.g., the ‘right’ data, data management, technology, legal and ethical considerations) and uses its AI framework to assess readiness to deliver and create a plan of action to get started.  
  • Act – Supporting a client’s journey by building out prototypes for key use cases and improving foundational capabilities in AI.
    Cynzoure's AI Springboard

Cynozure’s AI Springboard can be purchased as a full suite of services, or by individual stage, depending on where you are in your AI journey. 

Get in touch at to learn more and be sure to check out our latest AI Resources and watch Where AI Delivers Real Business Value, with James Lupton, Chief Technology Officer at Cynozure, who leads Cynozure’s AI practice.

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