What to Expect.



With CDO Hub members through informal, relaxed, exclusive monthly discussion forums.



The CDO Hub members via a Slack group to ask questions, share stories and continue discussions outside our events.



By reading regular content, and listening to regular podcasts featuring the CDO Hub members.

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Our Principles.


Invite and recommendation only.


Industry professionals. Strictly no suppliers or vendors.


Forward thinking leaders looking to make a difference to themselves and their organisations.


Group of leaders dedicated to helping, mentoring and working together to solve the biggest challenges.

"I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the small group dynamic, which allowed everyone a chance to share their experiences and knowledge."

Laura Paterson, We Grow Startups

"The level of conversation (senior, action focussed) with healthy debate (agreement and cordial disagreement) was one that I have been looking for but not seen elsewhere"

Nick Milne, Samsung

"Great way to network and share ideas without any vendors trying to sell their products."

Simon Hayter, Knight Frank

"The panel discussion was absolutely phenomenal! I took a large amount of personal action away from this event. Thank you!"

Dave McHugh, JATO Dynamics

"The intimacy of the group was such that it allowed for varied opinions without drowning out smaller voices."

Tasha Webb, All Response Media

"Interesting speakers, good vibe, great audience to discuss and network with"

Peter Eckley, Bank of England

"Great opportunity to network with peers in the industry, and to listen to successful people in other fields."

Joe Davie, Reward4

CDO Hub Application.

Do you agree to openly share your biggest challenges so the group can offer insight and support? Would you like to share your knowledge and experience with peers, and shape the role of the CDO? If you are responsible for the data strategy at your organisation, enquire below.

Upcoming Events


The CDO Hub.

Exclusively for CDO Hub members

Venue: Online - Zoom

Time: 4pm-5.30pm BST / 11am-12.30pm EDT.

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