2022 Letter

Data leadership is evolving. 

There are the pioneers who currently hold executive and C-suite positions. They navigated early challenges, met resistance, and ultimately cracked opened the door for today’s data leadership. We’re also witnessing a huge wave of brilliant minds now entering this space. Some from more technical or functional data roles and some brand new into the field. 

Data leadership is no longer an exclusive club for the large financial services institutions and retailers. Charities, manufacturing companies, law firms, regional government, publishing, and many other sectors are also now investing and expanding their capabilities to drive value from data. It’s no longer a nice to have, but a business imperative. 

The data leadership community

This means the data leadership community is evolving. It’s growing; globally. The levels of capability and maturity are on an upward trajectory. Some at the very sharp end of applied artificial intelligence. These are the digital and data native organisations where a culture of using data is weaved throughout the fabric of the business. Whereas others, are just starting out on the journey, educating, influencing, hustling, and building credibility and early wins. 

This all combines to create a fascinating opportunity for the community to collaborate and embrace the diversity of experiences and perspectives. Share ideas. Share challenges. Learn from past failures. Learn from innovations that have come about by being unshackled from legacy. Push and poke topics. Flip old conversations on their heads. 

Showing up and providing a space for this community to thrive, learn and set the standard on what world-class data leadership looks like is something we care deeply about. We aspire to hold a space where you can build towards being the best leader you can be, in a fun, interactive, collaborative, ego-less, intimate setting that promotes honest and engaging discussion. 

Thank you

CDO hub members really do encompass everything that’s great about the global data leadership community. We are acutely aware that you have many options for how you spend this kind of time, so we thank you all for your contribution in making this such an open and positive community to be part of.  

Wishing you the best for 2023. 


Jason and the Cynozure crew 


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