Earlier this year we announced that we were taking the CDO Hub international. Everyone sheltering in place and doing pretty much everything from home led us to take our events online. This meant that proximity to CDO Hub event venues was no longer a consideration, and members throughout the UK – or globe – could attend our regular get togethers. We embraced the opportunity to open up membership to Chief Data Officers and data leaders worldwide. 

CDO Hub US Chapter

Now we are excited to share that we have a U.S chapter, set up specifically for data leaders in the States, headed up by Jennifer Agnes

Jennifer attended her first CDO Hub get together whilst in London in 2019, with founding member, and her former colleague, Roberto Maranca. When the chance to take part via Zoom arose this year, she was one of the first members based outside the UK to join.  

In Jennifer’s words:

“It’s great. A genuine member focussed set up, with a high calibre of attendees. I’m regularly invited to join “exclusive” clubs …and each looks so enticing until I find out I have to pay! The CDO Hub is refreshing in that it’s hugely valuable, but the only price is active, positive participation”.

With data leaders from across the U.S already signed up as members it’s clear there is a real thirst for the engaging, relaxed and progressive conversation that the CDO Hub has become known for. 

What members can expect

The CDO Hub is part of the Cynozure Group; we set it up to allow senior data leaders to share, collaborate and learn with their peers. There are strictly no technology vendors or sales pitches allowed. It was established to bring the community together to share best practices, network with others at the forefront of the data profession, and positively move the data industry forward. Something we feel strongly about. We know that Jennifer will maintain this ethos and couldn’t be happier to be in a position to expand this network. 

For the moment events will continue online, with additional sessions set up for the U.S chapter to take place after the working day (starting September 9th). In time we look forward to these meet ups and discussions taking place in person, in several States and cities across the U.S.

It really is the members that make the CDO Hub what it is, with the knowledge that they bring and share and we can’t wait to see how this community improves and evolves in the coming months and years. Thank you.

Find out more about the CDO Hub here

Written by Jason Foster


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