by Jennifer Agnes

We had a successful launch of our virtual US CDO Hub on September 9th, with an all-star, cross-industry line up. Senior data executives from Blue Cross Blue Shield, Silicon Valley Bank, Antares Capital, TIMET, First Citizens Bank, and Schneider Electric to name a few attendees. 

Since it was our inaugural event, our evening was designed to get to know each other, highlight why we want to be part of this group, and to reflect on the opportunities that the CDO Hub can present for us as modern, progressive, and creative data leaders.

As we kicked off the evening (some of us with our favorite drink in hand!), we shared our rational for building this group  

  • Create trustedintimate, and honest conversations with experts 
  • Offer a unique space to dialogue about current data trendsconcepts, and concerns   
  • Promote a friendly and collegial culture 
  • Share crossindustry cross-sector perspectives  
  • Enable best practice sharing and learnings 
  • Keep it vendorfree  
  • Keep it ego-free 

In addition to discussing logistics and the regional leadership plan (we have CDO members now in the Northeast, the Southeast, the Midwestand the West Coast), we vigorously agreed that we are looking forward to when we can meet in person, once the COVID-19 risks have materially subsided. 

In the meantime, we are eager to meet monthly using Zoom and have the following topics on the docketeach led by one of our insightful and experienced members.   

  • What is the role of a Chief Data Officer – Led by Brian Paull, SVP Enterprise Risk Management at First Citizens Bank 
  • Resource Planning & COVID – Led by Gustavo Canton, HR Analytics Data Officer at Schneider Electric 
  • Big Data:  Cool or Creepy – led by Andy Strada from Blue Cross Blue Shield 


Want to join us? What would you like to discuss? 

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Jennifer Agnes

Written by Jennifer Agnes


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