Deliver with purpose and make a lasting impact

At Cynozure our purpose is to create a better future for all through the open and positive use of data. This underpins what we do, why we do it and how we go about it. It’s baked into our value and behaviours. It’s baked into who we will and won’t work with. But, we think we can do more.

Introducing IMPACT

A collective, cross-community mission to create positive outcomes and make a lasting impact

Together, the data community has the ability to lead with purpose and make a real difference in the world. Starting in 2022, we’ll be supporting a mix of not-for-profit organisations with advice, guidance and hands-on help.

And we’d like to make it easy for everyone in the data community that would like to contribute to be able to do so. There are such brilliant skills, minds, experience and passion across the data community, and we know we can make a real difference.

Make a difference every time you attend a Cynozure event

Cynozure will be donating pro-bono consultancy time to small not-for-profit organisations (charities and social enterprises) based on your attendance at our community events, including our CDO Hub, Data Product Hub, Webinars and Masterclasses.

Each time you attend any of our meet ups in person, or online from anywhere in the world, it will contribute towards that pro-bono time. Each 60 cumulative ‘visits’ we’ll convert into a day of time for those not-for-profit organisations.

Our aim is to donate the equivalent of 5% of our time through pro-bono services, so the more people who join our communities, the more people who engage with our events, the more you can directly you contribute to this and impact others.

This is just the start

We’re getting the ball rolling and we’ll continue to deliver our own initiatives within IMPACT (like our commitment to net zero, the commercial work we do for charities, investing in diversity in the industry, supporting academia to create the next generation of data professionals, and so on).

We’d love to hear from you (the more ideas, contributions and collective brilliance the better!), please let us know if you could:

  • Share your ideas on how the data community can make an impact
  • Offer some of your own time to give advice, guidance and mentorship to not-for profit organisations
  • Direct your team’s CSR time to IMPACT
  • Offer up individuals in your team for specific challenges
  • Be available to share templates, documents and assets that will help not-for-profit organisations accelerate their data journey

Where will support go?

Rather than selecting one specific charity or organisation to support, we’ll be supporting one of the following initiatives for 2022:

  • Physical and mental health
  • Climate change and the environment
  • Humanitarian aid and relief

Through our newsletters, member slack channels, and social posts and polls we’ll be asking you to vote for one of the causes above. The cause with the most votes will give us a focus for the year and where we will direct our pro-bono time and relevant organisations will get support.

Welcome to IMPACT; where we will deliver with purpose and make an impact on the world.

We look forward to collaborating with you on this.

Written by Jason Foster


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