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In this podcast, Jason talks to Giselle Cory, CEO of DataKind UK. DataKind helps social change organisations with data strategy through a large network of data volunteers. 

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One Big Message

Being involved with the social change sector is incredibly rewarding, and the demand for data volunteers is now greater than ever as organisations need to keep up with evolving technology. By getting involved with a social change organisation you have the opportunity to expand your skills at the same time as helping others. 

[01:01] DataKind’s mission, and how they help social change organisations

[06:40] A look at trends encouraging organisations to embrace data

[11:05] The superpower that social change organisations all possess when creating a data strategy

[14:22] How the pandemic has influenced the way organisations view data

[16:50] Examples of how data has provided valuable insights to different social organisations

[25:07] Why you always need an outcome in mind when it comes to data

[30:27] How you can volunteer with your data skills and help social change organisations


Have clarity on outcomes

The great superpower that social change organisations have when it comes to data is their clarity on outcomes. In order to make accurate and effective decisions, it’s important to have clarity on the outcomes of your data. Focusing on the outcomes will help you stay on track and make sure your data is being used effectively. For social change organisations, everyone is there to create a positive impact on the world and are usually there to focus on one outcome.


Keep up with organisations from outside the sector

Most organisations, when it comes to data, have a very insular view. They see their own data and how it is used in their own sector and little else. However, there are other organisations out there that can use the same or similar data in different ways that could be of benefit to the first organisation. This is where keeping up with what other organisations are doing in terms of data becomes important. With awareness of what’s going on outside of their sector, an organisation can find new and innovative ways to use their data that could lead to greater success.


Build trust with data

Social organisations are built on a culture of trust, since many social organisations require the use of either sensitive or confidential information. When your company is entrusted with confidential data, it’s important to have a system in place that helps you build trust with your clients.

How do you build trust with data? By being transparent, providing context, and engaging in two-way communication. When you put the needs of your customers first, they are more likely to trust the data you provide. And when your data is trustworthy, it can help you achieve your goals.


Volunteer with your data skills

Because data is being widely adopted amongst social change organisations there is a need for data volunteers to help bring them in alignment with current technology. Volunteering your time and resources can be a great way to use your skills for good. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there are plenty of opportunities to put your data skills to good use and open yourself up to new learning experiences. 

The best way to get started with volunteering is either through an organisation such as DataKind, or enquiring directly with social change organisations.


To summarise

Social organisations require data just as much, if not more, than most private companies but are often held back by restricted budgets. If you have the time, volunteering your data skills to a social change organisation is a rewarding way to hone your skills while helping worthy causes. 

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