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In this episode, Jason talks to his fitness mentor and personal trainer, Geoff Foden. Together, they discuss the parallels between success in fitness and life, particularly the need to push boundaries and get external accountability. 

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One big message

Most people think of the physical benefits when they think about how working out can improve their lives. And while it’s true that exercise can lead to better physical health, there are also mental and emotional benefits to be gained from the habits and discipline that also come from being physically fit.

[01:10] An introduction to  Geoff’s work and why he moved from in-person to an online business model

[04:00] Why people need to embrace the things they don’t like and build mental resilience

[08:12] Looking at physiology and how the age of convenience has impacts us

[10:34] How our environment and the age of convenience affects us

[17:49] Mental stress and how it can reflects physically

[22:05] How to push through when you are not motivated

[27:35] Why everyone needs accountability

[29:31] Getting one big win quickly and why it has a rippling impact on the rest of the process

[36:14] Using data and looking at the bigger picture to helpf your fitness goals


How fitness affects different areas of your life

Fitness is not just about working out. It’s a lifestyle whose benefits ripple into other areas of your life. How you live affects how you feel both physically and mentally. When you are physically active, your body releases endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects. In addition, regular exercise can help improve your sleep quality, increase energy levels, and reduce stress. All of these benefits can lead to improved mental health. 

These are not the only benefits to being fit. There are also many parallels to be drawn from the discipline required to be fit and the discipline required to succeed in life such as pushing outside comfort zones, and staying consistent with your efforts. 


Confidence comes from competence

We all know that confidence is important. But where does it come from? Many people think that confident people are simply born with it. However, the truth is that confidence comes from competence. In other words, you become confident by developing the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your chosen field. No one starts off as an expert. Even the most talented people in the world had to start somewhere and by staying consistent you will achieve your goals. 


Mental resilience 

In order to be successful in fitness and in business, mental resilience is essential. For one thing, fitness requires discipline and consistency, both of which can be difficult to maintain day after day. In the face of setbacks and plateaus, it can be easy to give up altogether. The same is true in business; even when progress is slow, it’s important to keep pushing in order to achieve success. 

When things get tough, mentally resilient people are able to persevere and push through to the other side. Additionally, both fitness and business require a certain amount of risk-taking. Trying new things can be scary, but it’s often necessary in order to reach the next level. Those who are mentally resilient are willing to take risks, even when they’re not sure of the outcome. Without mental resilience, it’s impossible to achieve lasting success in either fitness or business.


Why everyone needs accountability

Accountability is one of those things that everyone knows they need, but few people actually take the time to cultivate. We all have areas of our lives where we could use a little more accountability – whether it’s in our diet, our exercise routine, or our relationship with money. And yet, we often resist accountability because it requires us to be vulnerable and to face up to our mistakes. But the truth is that accountability is essential for growth. It helps us to identify our weaknesses and to correct them. Without accountability, we would all be stuck in the same place, making the same mistakes over and over again. 

Like anything, we can struggle for ages trying to learn something and be accountable on our own. However, when we are accountable to someone else, we are more likely to follow through on our commitments. We are also more likely to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and to grow in unexpected ways. 


Data in fitness

Fitness trainers use data to help their clients reach their fitness goals. This data can include information about the client’s weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, and other physical characteristics. This data can also include information about the client’s fitness level, including how much they exercised over a certain period of time and how many calories they burned. 

By tracking this data, fitness trainers can more effectively customize workout plans and provide feedback to their clients. In addition, this data can help trainers identify when their clients are making progress and when they may need to adjust their goals.

However, it’s an important lesson that by looking at just one of the fitness metrics, weight for example, you miss the bigger picture as fitness cant be measured on one specific metric alone. This need to be used in conjunction with other metrics like nutrition intake or body measurements to know if you are iteratively achieving your goals.



In order to be successful in any endeavor, it is important to have a solid foundation of discipline, motivation and accountability. This is true whether you are trying to succeed in business or get in shape. Both require a significant investment of time and energy, and both require you to push yourself in order to see results. In addition, both businesses and fitness journeys are often more successful when undertaken with the help of a mentor. A mentor can provide guidance and support, helping you to stay on track and avoid making common mistakes. By understanding the relationship between physical health, mental health and life, you can set yourself up for success in whichever area you choose to pursue.

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