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Data Strategy

Data strategy is all about delivering business value through the application of data, and our data strategy scorecard is designed to help identify the strengths of your data strategy. Your results can also help you better understand where to focus attention to deliver real business value.

Big Data LDN

This year, we teamed up with Big Data LDN, a two-day data-focussed conference and exhibition to share the scorecard with attendees, and we’re delighted that we’re now able to  publish the insights gathered from Big Data LDN participants when they completed our scorecard.

Scorecard research

The quality research that we obtained from the scorecard data is important for the industry because it shines a light on areas of data strategy that businesses are struggling to implement. And enables us to hypothesise as to why this might be the case. We can also make suggestions on how best to move forward with data strategy in ways that will both benefit individual sectors, and also the industry as a whole.

2021 Data Strategy Benchmark

We hope our research in this report, 2021 Data Strategy Benchmark will help you recognise where you sit in relation to your own data strategy and provide you with some guidance on how to improve your ranking for each of our six pillars.


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