LONDON, 23 February 2023: Cynozure, a leading data and analytics strategy consultancy, today announced it has been awarded Most Client Focused Tech & Data Consultancy 2022 and Best People-Led Data & Analytics Strategy Consultancy 2022 – USA as part of the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022.

The Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards are judged by Corporate Vision magazine, with a worldwide circulation of more than 155,000 business leaders and experts, and are dedicated to honouring the top performers in the global Coaching and Recruitment space.

CEO at Cynozure, Jason Foster, commented: “These awards and recognition are a testament to what makes us unique at Cynozure: our focus on people. Unlike most tech consultancies, we are not ‘data driven’ but ‘data guided’. We listen to our customers, are guided by their goals and desired business outcomes, and design and build a data strategy that is tailored to that. People come first, and the data strategy is developed to support them. This approach enables more people to use, access, and understand data, and helps drive our mission to contribute to a better future for all through the positive and open use of data. We are honoured to be recognised.”


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