Data as a Product

Having access to the right data, and being able to use that data effectively, is key to business development. However, traditional approaches to leveraging data are not always agile or flexible enough to enable businesses to grow their business functions in the ways they want.

When organisations switch from applying a ‘technology first’ approach to data, and instead start treating data as a product, it’s much easier to realise the value of the data they have – and to then utilise it to build valuable and scalable data products that deliver business outcomes quickly.

Data product management offers a fresh way of working with data, and, although still in its infancy, is growing in popularity due to its solution-focused and customer-centred approach.

In this data product management whitepaper we…

  • explain what data product management is,
  • give an overview of the role and responsibilities of a data product manager,
  • outline data product categories
  • share success stories to a data product management approach
  • and explore the many benefits of applying a product management approach to data.

Digital and data native organisations have used a data product mindset for a number of years, and more recently this method has started to filter down to other businesses. Companies that are seeing success with this approach realised very early on that applying a product management approach to data means they are able to build their products faster, modify them, and pivot if needed, because of the tools and technologies that they have in play. It’s now time for all organisations to benefit from data product management.

We hope that you enjoy our data product management whitepaper, and would love to hear your thoughts once you’ve had a chance to have a read it. Please do get in touch with any questions you might have on this topic – we’re here to help and it’s something that we feel enthused about.

Written by Tim Connold


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