Driving Business Value with AI on demand

In this engaging webinar, hosted by Cynozure’s CTO, James Lupton, and Glenn Hofmann, Former Chief Analytics Officer at New York Life, we share industry insights, key tools, checklists, and real-life examples to generate business value with AI.

What does the webinar cover?

  • Provide an overview of the current AI landscape in the marketplace
  • Guide you in focusing on areas in your organisation where AI can make the most impact
  • Introduce Cynozure’s framework for assessing your organisation’s ‘AI readiness’ helping you view AI initiatives through a business value lens
  • Highlight key tools, checklists, and real-life examples to prepare your organisation for the opportunities in front of us

If you have any questions or want to explore your organisation’s AI potential, don’t hesitate to contact us at hey@cynozure.com. Our dedicated team of AI experts will be ready to support your AI Strategy and Data Science needs. We’re here to support your data and AI transformation journey every step of the way.


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