Data Culture

Key insights and resources for a successful data culture journey

In today’s data-driven world, organisations are recognising the immense value of cultivating a data culture within their teams. A data-guided culture not only empowers decision-makers, but also enhances efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness. 

At Cynozure, we’ve been exploring this topic for the past years and have developed valuable resources with the finest data experts in the field to help you understand, embrace, and thrive in this data-centric landscape.  

Let’s delve into some of our best resources to shed light on the importance of data culture and literacy, and practical steps that you can take to start a successful journey with your team. 

Article – A CLEAR™ Path: How to Foster a Robust Data Culture 

In this article, our US Managing Director, Jennifer Agnes, navigates through our CLEAR™ approach — Communicate, Leader, Educate, Act, and Relate — unveiling a comprehensive pathway with tangible examples to nurture a thriving data-centric culture. 

Webinar – Data Culture: Navigating Challenges and Cultivating Change 

In our webinar, hosted by our Product & Customer Director, Tim Connold, our U.S. Managing Director, Jennifer Agnes, and the former CDO of IAG Loyalty, Kinnari Ladha, discuss the significance of creating an environment that encourages data-driven decision-making and nurtures data literacy within teams. Join the conversation as they share valuable insights and practical tips on how to foster a data-guided culture. 

Podcast – Using Communications to Create Change 

In this podcast episode, Caroline Sherman, VP Corporate Affairs at Mars Multi Sales, engages in a conversation with Jason Foster about the pivotal role of data literacy in business success and corporate communications. Tune in now to discover how effective communication can drive positive change within your organisation. 

Article – Data Strategy Without Data Literacy? Like Boarding the Titanic! 

Our Product & Customer Director, Tim Connold, explores why data literacy is imperative for organisations looking to harness the full potential of their data, optimise resources, and gain a competitive edge. In this Dataversity article, Tim highlights three key factors for mapping out an effective data literacy plan. Read here. 

 Podcast – Mistakes to avoid with data literacy programmes 

In this episode, Jason Foster, talks with Greg Freeman, CEO and Founder of the Data Literacy Academy, to explore the critical importance of data literacy in future-proofing your organisation, common mistakes to avoid and best practices to put in place when implementing data literacy programmes. 

Podcast – Empower Your Organisation with Insights by Improving Data Literacy 

Join Jason Foster in a thought-provoking discussion with Helen Blaikie, Chief Data Officer at Aston University, about the critical role of data literacy in empowering employees to make informed decisions, identify opportunities, and solve complex problems. Listen to this episode now and gain insights into how data literacy can be a game-changer for your organisation.  

Article – Forget Data Literacy, Think Decision-Making Literacy 

Data isn’t just about facts; it’s about making better decisions. In this Dataversity article, our CEO, Jason Foster, explores the evolution of data literacy into a critical strategic thinking tool. Discover why strategic decision-making is intertwined with data and how data literacy needs to adapt accordingly. 

Podcast – Why Data Literacy Should Be Viewed as a Sliding Scale 

In this podcast episode, Jason Foster discusses why data literacy should be viewed as a journey, where individuals and organisations progress over time. Gain a new perspective on how to approach and improve data literacy within your team.


At Cynozure, we’re committed to helping you navigate this data-driven era. Watch, listen, and read these resources to embark on your journey towards a more data-guided future. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance in implementing a data-driven culture within your organisation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at We’re here to support your data transformation journey every step of the way


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