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We are glowing with pride to share this interview that Tech Exec magazine did with Jason Foster with you!

How did Jason start out in data, and why was he motivated to set up Cynozure?

If you’re interested in finding out a bit more on our background, aims, and how we put our mission into action to serve our community you’ll enjoy this read…

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A data company

Cynozure was established to reshape our collective vision of data and analytics and set a new precedence on data strategy in a traditionally tech-led data industry. “I was inspired by my time at M&S,” explains Jason.

“At that time we were really at the sharp end of data; there was an air of newness, of being leading edge, but with that you do make mistakes. In many ways, Cynozure was me creating the organisation I wished existed at that time to steer me through the journey pragmatically. I took a step back and asked ‘what is this really about?’, and the answer was simple: building a better future for all through the open and positive use of data.”


People led

Culture and collaboration are key to success – both for us, and for the customers that we work with. It’s one of the 6 pillars of a data strategy, and is something we embody as part of our values.


Business goals = data goals

“When people struggle to get a data strategy signed off, it’s typically because they’ve majored on the things they need to build and implement, or the capabilities needed, rather than the business outcomes they’re looking to impact. You have to align your use of data to what you’re actually trying to achieve in the business, and that can be challenging and difficult sometimes.”


Cynozure’s Services

Wherever you are on your data journey, Cynozure is here to support you. Our Level Up Framework is your guide to a successful, pragmatic and adaptable delivery of your data strategy.



Cynozure supports data leaders meet their responsibilities, with an initiative founded to set the standard for good data leadership, and shape what it means to be a modern business and data leader: the CDO Hub. It’s an industry community, based on peer-to-peer collaboration, sharing and learning.


For all this and more, read the article or take a look at the full edition of Tech-Exec magazine online


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