​Coaching for Data Leaders

Our coaching program is designed to give you the best possible guidance whilst leaving you in the driving seat. Our Coaches are some of the best data leaders in the industry; they’re passionate about supporting individuals, have personal industry experience and have a toolkit to help shape your thinking and development.

We’re delighted to have the opportunity to support you through professional and personal development. 

At Cynozure we believe passionately in the potential of data to transform organisations. We’re a people powered data and analytics strategy business with a mission to contribute to a better future for all through the open and positive use of data. We love working with individuals in order to help them achieve their personal ambitions and therefore the outcomes for their organisations.

Coaching with purpose

What are you solving for? 

Different individuals would like coaching for different reasons – are you clear on yours?

  • To develop engaging communications and buy-in for your data programs
  • To help deliver on expanded responsibility
  • To work through a particular situation, challenge or opportunity
  • To get assistance in order to prepare for the next promotion or job
  • To build trust in you and the data you manage 
  • To create successful data outcomes 
  • To see and develop your growth opportunities and your career​​
Cynozure Coaching - Discover, plan, guide

Flexible and tailored coaching…

…that works with your role, responsibilities, and other commitments

The length and the pace of the engagement is determined by you. Based on your desire to improve, you can choose a cadence of coaching sessions to suit your needs. We suggest a minimum of 3 months so you get one full cycle and execution under your belt with your coach. The feedback from our coaching clients has shown that it’s most beneficial to engage iteratively, and over a 12 month cycle to be successful.​​

Your success is at the heart of our coaching practice.

Jennifer Agnes
Jennifer Agnes

US Managing Director, Global Coaching and Development

Jason Foster

Chief Executive & Founder

James Lupton

Chief Technology Officer

Tim Connold

Chief Client Officer

Allison Nau
Allison Nau

Strategy Consultant / Coach

Anthea DeSyllas
Anthea DeSyllas


Guy Lehman
Guy Lehman​

Lead Data Strategist and Executive Coach

What to Expect.



Getting clarity.​

Aims to 'get on the same page’ with your coach and ensure clarity of where you are today, and where you're trying to get to. It also provides better awareness of key challenges and opportunities to shape the remainder of the coaching program.



Planning your program and development.​

Based on learning, discussion and agreements from phase 1, the Planning stage sharpens your focus to confirm the actions and activities you will pursue in the form of a documented plan.



Review, Guide, Advise and Iterate.​

Once you’ve worked through stage 1 and 2, coaching moves into a regular rhythm to provide advice, review concepts and receive guidance whenever needed.

“All data leaders can benefit from external input into their data strategy.  Cynozure played an invaluable role in helping me refine the Travelex Data Strategy and associated messaging so that the key messages would land well with both C-Suite and business teams.  Not only do Cynozure provide excellent thought leadership, they come to every engagement with kindness and a clear commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Kat Holmes, (former) Data Director, Travelex

"Jennifer is one of the wisest, yet most empathetic people I know. When we first met, I sold her on the concept that she would just advise me on developing a data strategy for a tech platform. Our relationship quickly blossomed into her advising me on improving my management strategies to helping me navigate even more overwhelming realities.

Glo Robinson CEO, GO OFF!

What I appreciate the most about Jennifer is that whenever we chat, she’s not just invested in the project that I’m working on, she takes an interest in getting to know me holistically. I couldn’t be more grateful to call her mentor and the role model I strive to be like one day"

Glo Robinson CEO, GO OFF!

"I started with the Cynozure coaching because I was in need of talking to someone who knows more about data than I do. We are a professional organisation, but only recently we started working on becoming data driven. Therefore, I am happy to have coaching on data strategy, operations and tactical moves. My coach lets me be free in my choice of topics, she caters to every information need and is all in all very pleasant to work with. After every session, I have concrete tips and ideas I can work on, and the first results were already visible after 2 sessions!"

Janita Sluurman, Head of Data, Eurofiber​

"Having mentorship/coaching from Cynozure has been immensely helpful. Anthea has helped me understand how to put theory into practice and has been an invaluable (and fun!) guide to the world of data strategy."

Head of Data, Technology Company

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