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In this episode, Jason Foster announces the launch of IMPACT, an initiative for the not-for-profit sector.

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One Big Message

Cynozure launches IMPACT, and aims to assist not-for-profit organisations in attaining their data goals – with the help of the business and data community.

[00:06] How data impacts various activities 

[00:48] Why firms should focus on making data inclusive

[01:29] Cynozure launches IMPACT

[03:20] Cynozure would like to engage listeners to help not-for-profit organisations

[04:31] Categories that might be supported by this initiative


Make data inclusive 

Everyone is impacted by data no matter what you do. May it be personal, in leisure, at work or in social media, data is created that is given away on the digital platforms it’s on. For this reason, data should be inclusive. We should be educated and inspired to make use of data for the benefit of businesses and organisations and individuals alike. 

Making data inclusive is not easy. Some companies make strategies to take the lead and keep it as exclusive as possible. The reality is that a strategy to make effective use of data requires a lot of effort, money, resources, and efficient data literacy to make it work. This is a challenge for any organisation that is looking to maximise benefits and opportunities from data.



Cynozure has launched IMPACT. It’s a collective cross-community mission to create positive outcomes and make a lasting impact. The aim is to get helpful data advice, guidance, and hands-on assistance to the not-for-profit sector in support of business and data goals.

This initiative hopes to connect the business and data community to not-for-profit sectors, using the data community’s ability to lead with purpose and make a real difference. Accumulating brilliant skills, ideas, experiences and passion among listeners and together make a strong impact. The more people get involved with this, the more ideas, contributions and collective brilliance that will make a good, exponential impact. 

Everyone involved can help choose which of three categories to support in 2022: 

  • physical and mental health
  • climate change and environmental matters
  • humanitarian aid and relief.


In the pursuit of making a difference 

Cynozure is keen to hear from the listeners of Hub & Spoken that would like to be involved in the mission of making a difference by efficiently utilising data; this will be an interactive engagement with all of the data community welcome to join. 

If you’re from a commercial business, a vendor, or an individual, you could share in making an impact from your team’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) and data assets, share specific software, or contribute knowledge and mentorship. Assist not-for-profit organisations in accelerating their data journey to attain their goals.

Positive use of data is something that the entire team at Cynozure is passionate about. One of the reasons we set up the Hub & Spoken podcast was to share some of the great data stories that we are lucky enough to hear about. It’s an honour to share best practices, great ideas, and demonstrate brilliant work done with effective use of data. 

We absolutely love helping individuals, organisations and society benefit from the transformative power of data. IMPACT is another way to execute this purpose of Cynozure.


To summarise

Data impacts everyone in every way, periodically without us noticing. For this reason, data must be inclusive to educate, inspire, and make an impact – especially to not-for-profit organisations in order for them to reach their goals. Cynozure’s launch of IMPACT aims to connect the business and data community to not-for-profit organisations. This is an interactive engagement to support Cynozure’s pursuit of helping organisations make a difference and maximise benefits with effective use of data. 

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