Our very first podcast was published on this day four years ago.  

Yes, Valentine’s Day!  

And we can happily say that the Hub & Spoken community has grown bigger and stronger, expanding globally with listeners spread across 126 countries. 

We’re proud to be joined by amazing guests (true leaders in the real sense of the word), and to be able to share the important topics discussed with such openness and frankness. Hosted by Jason Foster, our CEO, conversations cover all aspects of data strategy, business value, AI, diversity, leadership, mental-wellbeing and beyond. What makes Hub and Spoken incredibly special is the human factor: the brilliance of the guests, their forward-thinking approach and their desire to do well in their role, for their organisation and society.  


100 Episodes & Special Series 

It’s a great ride and just a couple of months ago we reached the milestone of 100 Episodes. To mark the occasion, we invited back our first ever guest on episode 1, Pete Williams, CDO at Penguin Random House. But this time the tables were turned, and for episode 100 he interviewed Jason! They discussed the evolution of the data, reviewed Hub & Spoken and covered the importance of data in society’s progress. 

We curated Special Series of inspiring conversations with outstanding business, data and technology leaders taken from the first 100 podcasts.  This series of six podcasts brings together a selection of insightful nuggets to help inform and inspire the best results from data and analytics. 

Each episode focuses on a key theme, central to success with data and in business. 

Did you miss any? Find them here… 

Primer: The evolution of the data industry
Part 1: Data strategy – using a data strategy as a vital asset in creating a data-guided organisation
Part 2: Data management – unlocking business value with excellent data management and data governance
Part 3: Business value – delivering incremental business value through the application of data and analytics
Part 4: Data platforms – how technology is your enabler to building adaptable data platforms and products
Part 5: Data leadership – the evolving role of the Chief Data Officer and data leadership
Part 6: Purpose – creating a better, more purpose-led and resilient future   


Episodes with the Cynozure Crew 

At the end of last year, alongside the conversations with the best data leaders in the industry, we started to dive into the most vital data topics with our crew – to share some of their expertise too.  

You may already have heard Jason’s discussions with Jennifer Agnes on Data Management, Tim Connold on Data Product and Ricardo Santos on Data Technology. 

Stay tuned to hear from more of the crew: Ed Wynn, James Lupton, Paul Briley, Keith Goldthorpe, Helen Blaikie coming soon.  


Thank you! 

A special thanks to all our guests, who have shared their stories with us, and inspired our listeners around the world. And thank you to you for listening and your support of the Hub & Spoken journey.  

We can’t wait to see what’s next and look forward to sharing more amazing data stories with you!  

We’d love to hear from you; join the #HubandSpoken discussions on Twitter and LinkedIn – where we also share news, clips and updates on all episodes. 


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