Cynozure in the US

Cynozure’s mission to change the way business is done through positive use of data expands to the United States

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Cynozure has launched in the United States with a team led by Jennifer Agnes, our new US Managing Director.


Our ambition and approach has always been centred on enabling more people to use, access and understand data. The more people that can use it, and use it to do good, the more value data has in our world. We’re committed to a better future for all through the positive and open use of data. 


“Since 2016, we’ve seen fantastic growth focused on the UK market, and have helped incredible brands and organisations to achieve success in their business by applying smart data and analytics strategies” said Jason, CEO and Founder, “We have clients with a global presence, and some international clients in Europe, but this addition of a US-focused team will help to expand the reach of those we can truly impact. This expansion will help us better serve and support the requirements of the organisations that we work with, and we couldn’t be happier to start 2021 with expansion into this data savvy territory.”


CDO Hub Success

In the summer of 2020, Jennifer launched the US chapter of the CDO Hub (having seen first hand the benefits of this members-only club for senior data leaders) as a way to build a US-based community of data leaders interested in leveling up the craft of data leadership. What we found were passionate, experienced data leaders hungry for honest, constructive conversation without sales pitches or product demos… Just brilliant leaders keen to “pay it forward” to develop the nextgen data leaders, and find advice and best practices to help solve their own data challenges.


The success of the CDO Hub for the US market showed us that the appetite was right for our culture, methodology and service offering; so we are therefore excited to continue to grow our brand and presence there. 


We’ve launched with our full service offering to the US, covering:
  • Advise: We craft the future business outcomes together with a bespoke and practical data strategy based on our methodologies and best practices
  • Design and Build: We design and deliver data and analytics technology solutions that generate business outcomes with the market leading technologies
  • Maximise: We help implement and embed the business and culture change needed to deliver success
  • Grow: We help individuals and teams to attain their personal and professional potential through coaching, education and executive briefings.
Work has already started for Cynozure in the US

Exciting work has already begun in the North-east with a global consumer goods company, and global financial and services brands. The entire Cynozure crew is looking forward to extending our services to other organisations too.


Jennifer concluded:

 “I’m thrilled to be part of the Cynozure Crew to build the US-based business. Jason, James and the entire team have created a great brand – based not only on their data expertise as their clients can attest, but on the value they place on data as a way to make a difference in the world.  They care about their clients’ success and their employees’ success.  And their approach to data is refreshing because it is business outcome centric delivered by experienced business and data professionals.”


An experienced business, data and innovation executive, Jennifer has held numerous global leadership and transformation roles in Europe and North America. The breadth of her experience – from risk management, six sigma, and data leadership to banking and financial services, consumer goods to energy management – underscores her ability to translate complex business challenges into simple, and effective people, process, data  and technology roadmaps that result in successful digital transformation and business outcomes.   


If you’d like to discuss your data strategy with Jennifer, you can reach her at

To hear more from Jennifer, listen to Episode 55 of Hub & Spoken – she and Jason discuss advancing the craft of data leadership.


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