Getting your data analytics team and culture right is fundamental to delivering on your ambitions with data.

The people that drive your data and analytics need to have the right roles, responsibilities and skills. Only then will your teams be able to realise the potential from your data and analytics.
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Companies that deploy effective data teams into their operation show productivity rates and profitability that are 5% to 6% higher than those of their peers.

Delivering value from your data and analytics relies on having a team of strong people to do the work. Certainly, there is much promise held within data, and the goal of any leader is to devise a plan that unlocks it.

The businesses at the fore of data and analytics have created an effective data analytics team. Indeed, this ranges from their data leadership to solution delivery, data governance and supporting players.

We recommend a strong game plan. A solid framework to build, manage and extract the maximum value from your data team. While each organisation is different, and can benefit from tailored structures, any effective analytics team has the same hallmarks.

Data Analytics Team Resourcing

Building an effective data team hinges on several factors. This includes the need for a strong data culture, data literacy across the organisation and diversity within the data team. Our white paper offers a definitive guide to building a data team that delivers across each of these factors.

First, the delivery of your team begins with an effective leader. With your data leadership in place, the rest of your team are much easier to resource and hire. As such, consider recruiting a Chief Data Officer to take responsibility for your data and analytics.

This white paper outlines the best practices to help your organisation get more from its investment, regardless of size, industry, or budget. Overall, a strong team ensures strong results. This ranges from the data leader at the very top, to the data scientists and analysts in delivery, and data governance for due diligence.

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Interested in building data teams? Our comprehensive white paper outlines the main hallmarks of any effective analytics team, and guides you through how to build your own data teams.

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