Embed DataOps in Your Data Strategy

Join James Lupton, our CTO, along with Chris Bergh of DataKitchen, as they discuss how DataOps can elevate your data strategy.

A flexible and agile data strategy is critical to generate business value from your data. Yet your data strategy should be about more than just the next new tool or technology. Today, modern organisations are adding DataOps to their plans. DataOps puts the focus on how you set yourself up to deliver high-quality data products at pace.

In the webinar, James Lupton of Cynozure joins Chris Bergh of DataKitchen, to discuss how DataOps can elevate your data strategy.

A taster of what is covered in this session:

  • Applying DataOps to your data strategy to create value;
  • The key components of DataOps and where it fits in; and
  • Practical examples of where this has been deployed.
Elevate Your Data Strategy with DataOps


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